Our Story

La Cà Café, the sister restaurant to the popular La Cà Bar in Tacoma, was established as a new concept in response to the evolving needs of our valued customers. Established in 2017, La Cà Bar gained recognition for its diverse menu at a traditional Vietnamese restaurant and bar. However, we identified a growing demand for fast, casual, and flavorful meals catering to busy lifestyles. Thus, La Cà Café was born, specializing in Banh Mi, Vermicelli Bowls, Spring Rolls, and Chicken Wings.

Our aim is to offer a curated selection of crowd-pleasing dishes that can be enjoyed on-the-go or in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. The transition to La Cà Café highlights swift, high-quality service while preserving the authentic flavors and culinary traditions that made La Cà Bar a cherished dining spot.

Tuan Nguyen, the owner, hails from Tuy Hòa in the Phú Yên province and arrived in Tacoma from Vietnam in the '90s as a teenager with aspirations to achieve the American dream. After successfully launching a nail salon in Tacoma, Tuan pivoted to his true passion – food. He sought to share the street food he loved from Tuy Hòa with his new community.

The street food culture of Tuy Hòa, where the owner grew up, is influenced by its central Vietnam location and shares some culinary connections with Huế, Vietnam's former imperial capital. Huế is renowned for its diverse street food scene, deeply rooted in history and shaped by royal cuisine and traditional flavors. As a cultural melting pot, the city has embraced the finest culinary elements from across the country, resulting in a unique fusion of bold, sophisticated, and intricate dishes.

This exceptional blend resonates with Tuy Hòa's street food culture. The shared regional influence of central Vietnam contributes to a distinct gastronomic experience, offering an unmatched taste adventure for those eager to discover Vietnam's vibrant flavors. The cuisine of Tuy Hòa, while distinct in its own right, also reflects the impact of the Royal Court's culinary legacy from Huế, adding depth and richness to the food enjoyed in both cities.

Experience the essence of 'La Cà' at La Cà Café, where you can unwind and socialize while enjoying a refreshing beer, a glass of fine wine, or our delectable Vietnamese cuisine. Our welcoming ambiance fosters leisurely conversations and memorable moments, crafting the perfect environment to relax with friends and family over enticing food and beverages.

La Cà All Day

Fast-casual Vietnamese, featuring fresh flavors: Banh Mi, Vermicelli Bowls, and more.
Relax at La Cà Café with a cold beer, fine wine, or aromatic coffee in a chill atmosphere.